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Mar 19 16 2:41 AM

Bande nere wrote:
I'm so pissed off guys i think i will be not around for the next week, i'm not kidding.

For me as well, what a piss off. 

Let's hope Ferrari can at least beat Mercedes tomorrow...

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#26 [url]

Nov 22 16 12:28 PM

There is nothing to "LOL" image
Hooligans most of the time fought other hooligans . They didn't stab Erasmus students or beat up peaceful fans having a dinner with baseball batons. 

That's  what immigrants do in Denmark when they have settling of scores.  

Bunch of cowards from my point of view. 

Det gamle træ, o, lad det stå,
indtil det dør af ælde.
Så mange ting det husker på,
hvad kan det ikke melde.

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#30 [url]

Nov 28 16 2:15 AM

Conjurer wrote:
You only discovered Hooliganism now...... Lol

Hey wait a second the brits are know for this as well, another link that shows how celtic iberians are.

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Bande nere

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#35 [url]

Apr 12 17 5:39 AM

Augustus wrote:
^^^ LOL what a match, let's hope everything goes well in the next one!


The fucking referee also nullified a valid goal...the 4th

Well great match by Juve anyway.  Allegri boss.  

Portuguese  pharisee at workBanana

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#40 [url]

May 1 17 1:13 PM

Monaco has no hope. Juventus is a serious competitor for the title thanks to Higuain (sigh!).

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