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Bande nere

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Nov 28 14 7:45 AM

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Italic roots is a community of people enthusiastic of folklore, cultural anthropology , genetic and satyrical matters.  Irony has a big part in Italicroots, hence every link or comment against  real people or to some character or race or gender inclination is strictly aimed at fun and has nothing to do with an extremist ideology . 

We don't advocate the superiority of any race or gender over anybody here. Nazism, Racism, Homofobia are not promoted in any way. 

Every pic posted in this forum can easily be found with a simple google search, nothing gets stolen or extorted with violence or behind the back.

For every problem or to remove links or pics sign up and contact an admin.
The pic or link will be deleted if the admins find that there have been rules breaks.

1)Every form of racism is strictly forbidden in Italicroots.
2)Every form of political propaganda or reference to extremist ideologies is  strictly forbidden. Italic Roots is an apolitical forum.
3) It's strictly forbidden the linking to porn images of any type.


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Bande nere

Posts: 7,398 Member Since:09/29/13

#2 [url]

Aug 11 16 7:42 AM

You were in TA where racism is promoted in any way and shape with the ni@@er, sandni@@er, "kike" terms thrown in every second  and never said nothing to Loki or Sikeliot,  and you come here to blame us for a thread which is also based on some real studies??

Sod off.

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